Monstera Deliciosa vs Borsigiana: Key Differences (with Pictures)

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This article, “Monstera Deliciosa vs. Borsigiana,” will cover some similarities and the key difference between these two types of Monstera plants. Read on to discover: An overview of each plant The similarities that both plant types share The differences between the two Introduction to Monstera Deliciosa & Monstera Borsigiana Monstera Deliciosa The term Monstera Deliciosa … Read more

Monstera Deliciosa 101: Care Guide, FAQ & Pictures

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In this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about the Monstera deliciosa plant. Keep on reading to learn: How to grow and care for the Monstera deliciosa plant Its native habitat The Monstera deliciosa fruit And more! Want to see a wider range of Monstera plants? Check out our post on … Read more