Monstera Standleyana Aurea vs. Albo (Key Differences)

Monstera Standleyana Alb

This article will explore the following topics: Monstera Standleyana Albo Monstera Standleyana Aurea The similarities between Monstera Standleyana Albo and Monstera Standleyana Aurea The differences between Monstera Standleyana Albo and Monstera Standleyana Aurea Frequently asked questions regarding Monstera Standleyana Albo and Monstera Standleyana Aurea What Is a Monstera Standleyana Albo Variegata? A Monstera Standleyana Albo … Read more

Monstera with Moss Pole vs Without (A Complete Guide)

Monstera Trellis Moss Pole

Are you confused about whether you should grow your monstera plant with a moss pole or without? In this article, we will explain the benefits of using a moss pole and what would happen if you grow your plant without it. Continue reading to find out what a moss pole is, whether monsteras need moss … Read more

Monstera Albo Holland vs. Japan (Key Similarities and Differences)  

Monstera Albo Holland and Monstera Albo Japan are two variations of the variegated Monstera Deliciosa plant that are highly sought after by indoor plant enthusiasts. Here, we will discuss some key similarities and differences between Monstera Albo Holland and Japan. Monstera Albo Origin Monstera albo is a variation of the popular Monstera Deliciosa plant with … Read more

Monstera Friedrichsthalii vs. Obliqua (Key Differences and Similarities)

Monstera Friedrichsthalii

Most online plant sellers or nurseries often sell Friedrichsthalii (a sub-species of Monstera Adansonii) as Monstera Obliqua (the rarest Monstera species to exist), deliberately or unintentionally. Knowing the similarities and differences between both species is important to identify them correctly. Read on to find out the following about these popular houseplants. Information about Monstera Obliqua … Read more

Monstera Pinnatipartita vs. Siam (Are They the Same?)

Monstera Pinnatipartita

Monstera Pinnatipartita is a rare climbing plant often sold under different names, most commonly as Monstera Siam. This blog highlights Monstera Pinnatipartita common names and care requirements. Read on to discover: Is Monstera Pinnatipartita the same as Siam? Siam Origin Is Monstera Pinnatipartita the same as Monstera Peru? Frequently Asked Questions Is Monstera Pinnatipartita the … Read more

Monstera Dubia vs. Scindapsus (Key Similarities and Differences)  

Monstera Dubia

Monstera dubia and Scindapsus are two popular plants that are often confused with each other due to their similar appearance. However, many distinct differences between the two houseplants can help tell the two apart. Here, we explore some key similarities and differences between Monstera dubia and Scindapsus pictus. Monstera Dubia Origin Monstera dubia, also called … Read more

Monstera Lechleriana Vs Epipremnoides (Differences and Similarities)

Monstera Lechleriana

Monstera plants are excellent options to turn your home and gardens green. Their huge, beautiful leaves feature unique holes and splits, adding a fresh tropical feel to any space. However, many similar-looking Monstera species and varieties are available, which can make it difficult for you to identify them. This blog will help you differentiate between … Read more