How to Take a Cutting from a Monstera: Expert Guide for Success

How to Take a Cutting from a Monstera

Taking a cutting from a Monstera deliciosa is a popular and easy way to propagate this stunning houseplant. It allows enthusiasts to expand their indoor gardens without breaking the bank. In this article, the process of choosing the perfect stem, making the right cut, and rooting the cutting in an appropriate medium will be discussed. … Read more

Why Is My Monstera Peru Turning Yellow? Top Causes and Solutions

Why Is My Monstera Peru Turning Yellow

Monstera Peru leaves turning yellow can be attributed to several factors that impact the health and appearance of the plant. These factors typically include overwatering, inadequate light exposure, pest infestations, and natural life cycles. Recognizing and addressing these issues is vital to ensure the continued growth and vibrancy of the Monstera Peru. Common Causes of … Read more

When to Divide Monstera: Essential Tips for Plant Care

potted Monstera on a chair

Dividing monstera plants can be a great way to propagate the plant and manage its size. The optimal time to perform this task is during the spring or early summer months, when the plant is actively growing and can recover quickly. There are several factors to consider when preparing to split a monstera, such as … Read more

How to Use Keiki Paste on Monstera: A Simple, Effective Guide

How to Use Keiki Paste on Monstera

Keiki paste has generated buzz in the plant world as a revolutionary growth hormone, especially for houseplants such as Monstera. This innovative product offers plant enthusiasts a way to encourage new growth and propagate their plants with ease. Applying keiki paste on Monstera plants is a straightforward process, which involves placing a small amount of … Read more