How to Use Keiki Paste on Monstera: A Simple, Effective Guide

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Keiki paste has generated buzz in the plant world as a revolutionary growth hormone, especially for houseplants such as Monstera. This innovative product offers plant enthusiasts a way to encourage new growth and propagate their plants with ease.

Applying keiki paste on Monstera plants is a straightforward process, which involves placing a small amount of the paste directly on the node, typically on newer growth. One can use a clean cotton swab or toothpick for the application.

Experienced gardeners have observed successful results using keiki paste on monstera plants, ensuring new growth and healthy propagation without causing any damage to the plant’s overall health.

What Is Keiki Paste

Keiki paste is a unique growth-promoting substance that encourages cell division in plants. Comprised of a variety of natural botanical compounds, the paste has been widely recognized for its ability to clone plants, particularly orchids.

When used on Monstera plants and other species, such as Philodendron and Pothos, keiki paste encourages new growth from nodes, effectively producing cloned offshoots. These offsprings are genetically identical to the parent plant, making keiki paste a valuable tool for plant enthusiasts who wish to propagate their beloved plants.

How Keiki Paste Works

Keiki paste is a substance containing a blend of natural botanical compounds designed to promote cell division in plants. When applied to the nodes of a Monstera, it encourages new growth, such as shoots and leaves, to emerge more quickly.

For optimal results, choose nodes that are located on newer growth, as they tend to be more receptive to the treatment. Nodes can be identified as faint rings on the stem with occasional dark dots marking the spot where potential new growth may appear.

To use Keiki paste on a Monstera, follow these steps:

  1. Select a node on the plant stem, preferably on newer growth.
  2. Using a clean swab, apply a small amount, about the size of a pea, directly to the chosen node without scoring the surface.

Although originally created for use on orchids, Keiki paste has proven to be effective on a variety of plants, including Monstera, Philodendron, Scindapus, Rhaphidophora, and Ficus. With regular application, Monstera owners can achieve a lush, thriving plant jungle at home.

Step-by-Step Application Guide

Locate the Growth Point

Identifying the growth point on your Monstera plant is the first step in successful keiki paste application. Look for nodes, typically faint rings, on the stem where new shoots and leaves emerge. Choose nodes closer to newer growth for better results.

Clean the Application Area

Before applying keiki paste, ensure that the node area is clean. Use a cotton swab to remove any dust or debris from the node. This helps create an ideal environment for the paste to take effect.

Apply Keiki Paste

Using another clean cotton swab, apply a small amount of keiki paste, smaller than a pea, directly to the node. Carefully spread the paste evenly over the node, ensuring it is well covered but not overloaded.

Monitor and Care for the New Growth

Keep an eye on your Monstera plant after applying keiki paste. The new growth should begin to appear in the following weeks. Continue to care for the plant as you normally would, providing adequate water, sunlight, and nutrients to support healthy growth.

Tips for Success

When using Keiki paste on a Monstera plant, it’s important to first identify the appropriate nodes for application. Nodes are parts of stems where new shoots and leaves emerge, typically marked by faint rings or dark dots. Ensure you apply the paste to nodes on the more recent growth as it tends to be more effective on them.

Next, use a clean swab to apply a small amount of Keiki paste – no larger than a pea – directly to the node. Avoid scoring or removing any callouses as it might hamper the overall effectiveness of the paste. It is also beneficial to incorporate a highly diluted fertilizer or nutrients with every watering to support healthy growth.

Finally, if reapplying Keiki paste to the same nodes, make sure to clean the area thoroughly before each application to prevent any adverse effects or contamination. Observing these tips should encourage new growth and enhance the overall health of your Monstera plant.