10 Flowers That Represent Apology: Blooms To Help You Say Sorry

Some of the content shared in this post is derived from myth, folklore, ancient traditions & legends. The information here should not be considered life or medical advice. Do not consume, expose animals or handle any flowers or plants based on the content of this post.

If words fail to express your regret, the language of flowers can help you convey your apology. Flowers have been used as symbols of remorse and contrition for centuries. 

Whether you want to apologize to a loved one, a friend, or a colleague, a thoughtful bouquet of flowers can speak volumes. 

In this article, we’ll explore 10 flowers that represent apology and can help you express your remorse in a beautiful and meaningful way.

White Rose

White Rose Flowers

White roses have long been a symbol of purity, innocence, and humility, making them an ideal flower to express remorse and apology. White roses are often given to show that the giver is sorry for their actions and regrets any harm they may have caused. 

They are also often associated with new beginnings and forgiveness, making them a great choice for making amends and starting fresh.

In addition to their symbolism, white roses are also known for their simple and elegant beauty. Their clean, crisp petals and delicate fragrance can convey a sense of sincerity and honesty, which is essential when seeking forgiveness. 

White roses are also versatile and can be paired with other flowers or given alone, making them a versatile choice for expressing regret and seeking forgiveness.


Violet Flowers

Violets are delicate, sweet-scented flowers that have long been associated with apology and forgiveness. 

These flowers are often used to symbolize humility, modesty, and contrition. The purple hue of violets is also associated with royalty, which adds to their dignified and apologetic aura.

In many cultures, violets are given as a gift to express remorse and ask for forgiveness. The delicate petals of the violet can represent the fragility of relationships, reminding us that we should handle them with care. 

The flower’s heart-shaped leaves have also been associated with the heart and emotions, making them a perfect choice for expressing remorse and asking for forgiveness.

In addition to symbolizing apology and forgiveness, violets are also associated with loyalty and devotion, making them a great choice for reconciling with a loved one or friend. 

The gentle beauty and sweet fragrance of violets can help to soothe hurt feelings and pave the way for healing and reconciliation.

Pink Carnation

Pink Carnation Flowers

Pink carnation is a beautiful flower that represents apology. It symbolizes the idea of “I’ll never forget you,” making it a perfect choice for apologizing to someone you care about deeply. 

The pink carnation is often used as a symbol of a mother’s love, making it a good choice for apologizing to your mother or any other important woman in your life.

In the Victorian era, pink carnations were used to symbolize a woman’s love, making them an appropriate choice for apologizing to a romantic partner. The delicate and sweet aroma of pink carnations can also express the sentiment of “I am sorry” in a sincere and gentle way.

Moreover, pink carnations are often associated with the idea of gratitude, making them a suitable flower to give as an apology when you want to express your gratitude for someone’s forgiveness. 

Pink carnations come in a range of hues from light pink to deep magenta, and each shade has its own symbolism. Light pink carnations symbolize admiration, while darker shades can represent a deeper appreciation.

In summary, the pink carnation is a versatile flower that can express apology, love, gratitude, and appreciation. It is a delicate and gentle way to express your regret and ask for forgiveness, making it a popular choice for making amends.


Hyacinth Flowers

Hyacinth is a delicate and fragrant flower that is often associated with apologies and asking for forgiveness. In the language of flowers, hyacinth symbolizes sorrow and regret, making it a perfect choice for someone looking to make amends.

The color of hyacinth can also add a specific meaning to an apology. Blue hyacinths, for example, represent sincerity and constancy, while purple hyacinths symbolize forgiveness and understanding. 

White hyacinths are a classic symbol of innocence and purity, making them a thoughtful choice for those seeking to make things right.

In addition to its symbolism, hyacinth’s beauty and fragrance can also be a comforting and soothing gesture. 

Offering a bouquet of hyacinths to someone as a way of saying sorry can be a thoughtful way to show that you value the relationship and are willing to make things right.


Forget Me Not Flowers

The forget-me-not is a small, delicate flower with clusters of blue, pink, or white blooms that symbolizes true love, fidelity, and memories. It is also a flower that represents apology in some cultures, specifically in Victorian England. 

It is said that the forget-me-not was given as a gift by lovers who were parting ways and wanted to ensure that they would not forget each other. 

In the language of flowers, the forget-me-not also represents the idea of not wanting to be forgotten by someone you love. 

As such, giving a bouquet of forget-me-nots can be a thoughtful and meaningful way to express your apology to someone you care about, especially if you want to make amends and reaffirm your love and commitment to the relationship.

Pink Tulip

Pink Tulip Flowers

Pink tulips are often associated with affection, caring, and good wishes. However, they are also a flower that can represent apology, particularly in shades of light pink. 

Pink tulips can convey a message of regret, asking for forgiveness, and expressing remorse. Their soft and delicate appearance can serve as a symbol of sincerity and kindness towards the person who has been wronged.

In the language of flowers, pink tulips are said to represent “perfect happiness,” making them an excellent choice for someone who wants to mend a relationship or express their deep regret. They can also be used to show support and offer comfort during difficult times.

Overall, pink tulips are a thoughtful way to express an apology, as they offer a gentle and elegant reminder of one’s remorse and the desire to make things right.

White Lily

White Lily Flowers

White lilies are flowers commonly associated with sympathy and funerals, but they also hold a special meaning when it comes to apology. These elegant flowers symbolize purity, humility, and innocence, which are all qualities that can be attributed to someone seeking forgiveness.

When someone gives white lilies to apologize, they are expressing their sincere regret and asking for forgiveness for any hurt they may have caused. 

The delicate and graceful appearance of the flower can also represent the tenderness and care that they feel towards the person they are apologizing to.

White lilies can also represent new beginnings and renewal, which is an important aspect of an apology. By acknowledging and apologizing for past mistakes, the giver of the flower is expressing their desire to move forward and start fresh in their relationship.

In some cultures, white lilies are also associated with the Virgin Mary and can be seen as a symbol of her purity and grace. This religious significance can add another layer of meaning to the act of giving white lilies as an apology.

Overall, the white lily is a timeless and elegant flower that can convey a heartfelt apology in a gentle and sincere manner.

White Daisy

White Daisy Flowers

White daisies are a popular flower that represents apology due to their symbolism of purity, innocence, and sincerity. The color white is often associated with purity and cleanliness, and daisies are often seen as a symbol of innocence and simplicity.

In the language of flowers, daisies are often used to convey a message of apology or remorse, as they are said to represent true love and loyalty. This is because daisies are often given as a symbol of love and friendship, and are associated with the idea of forgiveness and starting anew.

White daisies are also often used as a symbol of peace, and their presence can help to calm the emotions of those who are upset or angry. They are seen as a gentle reminder that peace and forgiveness are possible, and can help to diffuse tense situations.

Overall, white daisies are a powerful symbol of sincerity, purity, and innocence, making them an ideal flower to represent an apology.


Orchid Flowers

Orchids are beautiful and exotic flowers that can represent various meanings depending on their color and cultural significance. In the context of apology, orchids, particularly the white ones, symbolize remorse and sincerity.

The elegant appearance of orchids conveys a sense of sophistication and refinement, which can help to soften the message of an apology. 

Additionally, the white color of orchids is often associated with purity and innocence, which can be seen as a reflection of a sincere and heartfelt apology.

Orchids can also convey a message of humility and humbleness, which is important in making an apology. 

The delicate and intricate structure of the flower can be seen as a reminder to approach the situation with care and attention, just as one would handle a precious and fragile object.

Overall, the orchid is a beautiful and meaningful flower that can be a powerful symbol of apology. Its elegance, purity, and humility make it a fitting choice to express remorse and seek forgiveness.

Baby’s Breath


Baby’s breath, scientifically known as Gypsophila, is a delicate flower that is often used as a filler in bouquets or floral arrangements. In the language of flowers, baby’s breath is associated with innocence, purity, and sincerity, making it a popular choice for weddings and christenings.

When it comes to representing apology, baby’s breath can also be a meaningful flower choice. The delicate nature of the flower suggests vulnerability and fragility, which can be appropriate for expressing contrition and seeking forgiveness. 

The small, delicate flowers can also represent humility and a willingness to listen and learn, key aspects of making a sincere apology.

Baby’s breath is often used in combination with other flowers in floral arrangements, so it can be paired with other flowers that also convey messages of apology or remorse. Babys Breath Flowers

For example, combining baby’s breath with white roses or tulips, which symbolize purity and forgiveness, can create a beautiful and meaningful apology bouquet.

Overall, baby’s breath is a subtle but powerful flower that can represent apology in a thoughtful and sincere way.