Best Grow Light for Jade Plant: Top Picks and Tips

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When selecting a grow light for your jade plant, it’s essential to consider factors such as the size of your growing area, energy efficiency, and the light spectrum provided by the product. To help you make the best decision for your indoor garden, we’ve put in countless hours of research and testing to identify the top grow lights that will ensure your jade plant receives the necessary light for healthy growth and beautiful blooms.

If you’ve got no time to read, check out this table for our best picks for grow light for your jade plants.

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Top Grow Lights for Jade Plants

We’ve carefully selected a list of the best grow lights for your jade plant needs. Discover our top choices to ensure optimal growth and health for your precious plants.

PYLYFE Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Grow Light with Red Blue Full Spectrum, 3 Switch Modes LED Grow Light with Adjustable Gooseneck, 9 Dimmable Levels Plant Lights for Indoor Plants with Automatic Timer

This versatile and efficient grow light is a great investment for those looking to boost their jade plant’s growth.


  • Full spectrum light for all growth stages
  • 3 spectrum modes and 9 dimmable levels
  • Automatic switch and timing function


  • Smaller than expected
  • Limited timer options
  • Clip may not suit all setups

We recently used the PYLYFE Grow Lights for Indoor Plants and were impressed with its ability to imitate natural sunlight for our jade plants. With 20 LED beads covering all the necessary spectrums for healthy plant growth, it provides a full spectrum of light that caters to every stage of development.

The 3 spectrum modes and 9 dimmable levels offered by the grow light enabled us to easily customize the light intensity and spectrum for our jade plants’ current growth stage. The automatic switch and timing function effortlessly regulated the light, ensuring our plants received consistent lighting even when we weren’t around.

While the flexible gooseneck and tough clip made the grow light adaptable to various setups, some could find the smaller size somewhat limiting. Nevertheless, the clip was strong enough to hold the light in place without any issues.

One aspect of the grow light that we felt could be improved is the timer options. With only 3 hours, 9 hours, and 12 hours settings, some users might find the available options limiting for their specific needs. Additionally, the clip design might not suit all indoor garden setups.

Overall, the PYLYFE Grow Lights for Indoor Plants delivers excellent value with its customizable light spectrums and intensity levels. Despite some limitations, it is an ideal choice for nurturing a thriving jade plant indoors.

GooingTop LED Grow Light

GooingTop LED Grow Light,6000K Full Spectrum Clip Plant Growing Lamp with White Red LEDs for Indoor Plants,5-Level Dimmable,Auto On Off Timing 4 8 12Hrs

For anyone looking to enhance their jade plants’ growth indoors, the GooingTop LED Grow Light is a top choice with its full spectrum light and impressive features.


  • Full-spectrum 6000K white light with 10 Red + 74 White LEDs
  • Timer function with 4H, 8H, and 12H options
  • Easy to install with flexible gooseneck and strong clamp


  • Consumes about 10 watts, equivalent to a 50W halogen bulb
  • The timer could be confusing for some users
  • The clamp may be too tight and require extra effort to adjust

We’ve been using the GooingTop LED Grow Light for our jade plants and have seen significant improvements in their growth. The 6000K full-spectrum white light, which mimics sunlight at noon, works wonders for indoor plants. It’s also comfortable for our eyes as it has a high color rendering index of 95, making it flicker-free and suitable as a reading lamp.

The timer function comes in handy, allowing us to choose from 4-hour, 8-hour, or 12-hour cycles. However, it might take a short while for some users to get acquainted with the timer settings. Nonetheless, it’s a useful feature, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Installing the GooingTop LED Grow Light was a breeze, thanks to the flexible gooseneck and strong clamp. The gooseneck allows us to place the light in any direction for the best lighting angle, while the clamp ensures the lamp stays firmly in place. Though, the clamp can be somewhat tight, needing both hands and some effort to adjust.

In conclusion, the GooingTop LED Grow Light is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to keep their jade plants healthy and thriving indoors. With its full-spectrum light, timer function, and flexible installation, it’s well worth the purchase.

Yadoker LED Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Grow Light

Plant Grow Light,yadoker LED Growing Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants,Height Adjustable, Automatic Timer, 5V Low Safe Voltage,Idea for Large Plant Light

The Yadoker LED Grow Light is perfect for jade plants and other indoor plants, providing adjustable height, full spectrum coverage, and an automatic timer.


  • Full spectrum light for optimal plant growth
  • Height adjustable up to 61.1 inches
  • Built-in timer with 3 modes


  • Timer may be slightly off
  • Limited light coverage for larger plants
  • Light stand could be more sturdy

The Yadoker LED Grow Light provides full spectrum light, which means it covers the entire range of wavelengths needed for successful plant growth. We found the 380nm-800nm wavelength range to be particularly beneficial for jade plants, as it mimics natural sunlight and promotes healthy growth throughout the plant’s life cycle.

One of our favorite features is the adjustable stand, which stretches from 13.7 inches to 61.1 inches. This proves useful for jade plants, as they can grow quite tall, and having the ability to adjust the light height is essential. This adjustability also allows for the light to cover more plants in close proximity.

The built-in timer, with its 8/12/16 hour cycles, is great for managing your plant’s light needs without needing to remember to turn the light on and off yourself. However, we did notice that the timer function might not be entirely accurate at times, so it’s best to keep an eye on it initially.

The light coverage may not be sufficient for particularly large plants or a higher number of plants, as it primarily illuminates the upper leaves. Additionally, while the light stand serves its purpose, it could be a bit more sturdy for added peace of mind.

In summary, the Yadoker LED Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Grow Light remains a viable choice for jade plant owners looking to support their plant’s growth with a reliable and flexible grow light. However, it might not be ideal for large plants or those with more demanding light coverage needs.

CANAGROW Full Spectrum LED Plant Light

CANAGROW Grow Light, Full Spectrum LED Plant Lights for Indoor Plants, Height Adjustable Plant Halo Growing Lamps, Auto On/Off Timer, 3 Lighting Modes & 10 Dimmable Brightness for Small Plants

The CANAGROW Full Spectrum LED Plant Light is an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient, stylish, and versatile grow light for their jade plants.


  • Unique and patent appearance design
  • Auto on/off timer with three settings
  • 3 lighting modes and 10 dimmable brightness levels


  • Adapter not included
  • Limited to potted plants due to stake design
  • Height adjustment might not cover large areas

We’ve been using the CANAGROW Full Spectrum LED Plant Light, and it has made a noticeable difference in the growth and health of our jade plants. The unique and patent appearance design not only makes it look stylish but also effectively covers a larger area for adequate lighting.

The auto on/off timer feature is incredibly helpful, ensuring that our plants receive the right amount of light daily without any extra effort from us. With three different cycle settings (3/9/12 hours) and the ability to automatically turn on and off at the same time the following day, our plants are well taken care of even when we’re not around.

One of the standout features is the versatility of lighting modes and brightness levels. The grow light offers three lighting modes (white light, red light, and red & white light) and ten dimmable brightness levels, ensuring that it can cater to the needs of our jade plants at various stages of growth.

However, there are a few downsides to consider. The grow light doesn’t come with an adapter, so you’ll need your own 5V 2A adapter, mobile power, or alternative source to light it up. Additionally, the grow light is designed with a stake, which means it’s only suitable for potted plants. Finally, the height adjustment feature might not cover a large area or multiple plants when fully extended.

Overall, the CANAGROW Full Spectrum LED Plant Light is a fantastic addition to any indoor garden, providing both style and functionality for your jade plants. We highly recommend it for those looking to improve their plants’ growth and vitality.

Yadoker LED Grow Light

Plant Grow Light,yadoker LED Growing Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants,Height Adjustable, Automatic Timer, 5V Low Safe Voltage,Idea for Small Plant Light, 1 Pack

The Yadoker LED Grow Light is a great investment if you’re looking for an adjustable, efficient, and easy-to-use grow light for your jade plants.


  • Unique home garden lighting solution with warm natural light
  • Automatic timer with on/off switch and adjustable settings
  • Height adjustable design


  • May not be sturdy enough for heavier pots
  • Non-telescopic support stick in some orders
  • Limited to 5V low safe voltage

The Yadoker LED Grow Light is a game changer for jade plant enthusiasts like us. Offering a unique home garden lighting solution, this grow light emits a warm natural light that is perfect for indoor plants. It’s not an eyesore and seamlessly blends with your home décor. Plus, the small size of the grow light means it doesn’t take up too much space, making it perfect for office desks, living rooms, and dark corners.

One of the standout features of this product is its automatic timer with on/off switch. The built-in timer has three different modes: stay on for 8, 12, or 16 hours and off for the remaining time. This feature allows you to have full control over when the light turns on and off. The height-adjustable design is also quite handy – you can easily stick it in the soil or planter, so your jade plants remain at a comfortable height as they grow.

However, the grow light might not be sturdy enough for heavier pots. Some customers have reported receiving a non-telescopic support stick in their orders, which contradicts the product’s description. Additionally, the light operates at a 5V low safe voltage, which might not be sufficient for some users.

Nonetheless, the Yadoker LED Grow Light offers excellent value for the price. With its efficient lighting solution, adjustable height, and automatic timer, it’s an ideal investment for your jade plant’s healthy growth.

Buying Guide

Assess Your Jade Plant’s Needs

When choosing the best grow light for our jade plant, it’s important to consider its specific needs. As a succulent, jade plants prefer bright light with some direct sunlight. However, they can also tolerate lower light levels, particularly in the winter months.

Light Spectrum

To ensure proper growth and health, we should look for grow lights that provide a balanced and full spectrum of light. This should include blue light to promote vegetative growth and red light to encourage flowering. A full spectrum grow light will be the most beneficial for our jade plant’s overall development.

Intensity and Coverage

It’s crucial to find a grow light that offers enough intensity and coverage for our jade plant, especially if we have a large or bushy plant. We should choose a light that can evenly distribute light to all areas of the plant, preventing uneven growth or leggy stems.

Duration of Light

Jade plants typically require around 12-14 hours of light per day in order to thrive. When selecting a grow light, look for one with a built-in timer or consider adding a separate timer. This will allow us to ensure that our jade plant is receiving the proper amount of light each day without constant monitoring.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient grow lights, such as LED or fluorescent lights, can save us money on our electricity bill without sacrificing the quality of light our jade plant needs. Additionally, these types of lights produce less heat, reducing the risk of damaging our plant due to excessive heat.

Budget and Quality

While it’s essential to consider our budget, we must also keep in mind the quality of the grow light. Investing in a higher-quality light may lead to a healthier, more vibrant jade plant in the long run. Take the time to compare different options within our budget range to find the best fit for our needs.

By carefully considering these factors, we can find the ideal grow light to help our jade plant thrive and grow beautifully.

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