What Does Anthurium Symbolize: Unveiling Its True Meaning

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Anthuriums, with their open, heart-shaped flowers and vibrant colors, are known to captivate admirers and add a touch of beauty to any setting. These tropical plants have gained popularity not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for the wealth of symbolism they represent.

Originally hailing from the rainforests of Central and South America, anthuriums have been embraced by many cultures for their symbolic meanings. Chief among them is the notion of hospitality, stemming from the flower’s open, inviting appearance. In fact, incorporating anthuriums into the décor of a space can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for guests. Beyond hospitality, the anthurium plant is also believed to bring good luck, happiness, and protection against evil.

The color of the anthurium flower can also convey different meanings. For instance, red anthurium varieties typically symbolize love, lust, and sensuality, while white varieties represent peace and purity. Moreover, anthuriums are often seen as a symbol of enduring love and friendship, making them a popular choice for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

Anthurium Symbolism and Meanings

Love and Passion

Anthuriums, particularly the red varieties, symbolize love, passion, and sensuality. This is primarily due to their heart-shaped bract that surrounds the flower. The plant’s exotic appearance has also earned it the nickname “Boy Flower” or “Painted Tongue,” further emphasizing its association with passion and lust.


The anthurium’s open, heart-shaped flowers give it a welcoming and warm appearance, making it a popular choice for symbolizing hospitality. Its tropical disposition adds to this meaning, as it can make any room feel cozy and inviting. The name anthurium itself comes from the Greek language, meaning “tail flower,” indicating its unique and striking appearance.

Abundance and Happiness

Anthuriums also represent abundance and happiness when they are included in home décor or given as gifts. Their vibrant colors, such as red, pink, white, and yellow, each hold different meanings that contribute to an atmosphere of joyfulness and positivity.


In addition to the other meanings, anthuriums are believed to provide protection against evil and bestow good luck. This makes them an ideal choice for those seeking not only beauty but also a sense of security and positive energy in their surroundings.

By understanding the various meanings and symbolism behind anthuriums, one can appreciate their beauty while also recognizing the deeper significance they hold. Incorporating these exotic, tropical flowers into your life can add a touch of love, hospitality, abundance, and protection that everyone can benefit from.

Anthurium in Cultural and Historical Context

Hawaiian and Polynesian Culture

The anthurium flower holds significant meaning in Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. Known for its exotic appearance and heart-shaped flowers, it is a symbol of hospitality and warmth. In these island nations, anthuriums are often used to create welcoming leis, which are worn by guests on special occasions or given as tokens of appreciation. The flower’s unique shape and vibrant colors make it a natural choice for celebrating the beauty of life in the tropical paradise.

In addition to hospitality, anthuriums represent happiness and abundance in these cultures. The plant is believed to bring good luck and serve as a protection against evil. Its presence can be seen in art, dance, and various cultural expressions as a symbol of life’s richness and diversity.

Victorian Language of Flowers

During the Victorian Era, flowers were often used as a means of communication to convey subtle messages and emotions. The anthurium flower played a role in this floral language. In particular, red anthurium varieties were associated with love, lust, and sensuality, while white varieties symbolized peace and purity.

The anthurium flower’s heart-shaped form also contributed to its symbolism, representing deep emotions and a loving nature. In a time when expressing one’s feelings openly was discouraged, gifting an anthurium could send a message of passion and desire to a beloved recipient without using any words.

Throughout its rich cultural history, the anthurium flower has continued to captivate people with its stunning beauty and deep symbolism. From Hawaiian leis to Victorian bouquets, this exotic bloom has been a cherished representation of love, hospitality, and the abundance of life.

Uses of Anthurium

Frequently Asked Questions

Symbolism of red anthuriums?

Red anthuriums carry a strong symbolism related to love, lust, and sensuality. With their vibrant, exotic appearance and heart-shaped flowers, these plants can beautifully convey romantic feelings and attraction. They are also an elegant choice for conveying passion and desire in various settings and occasions.

White anthurium spiritual meaning?

White anthuriums symbolize peace and purity. The delicate white coloring of these flowers offers a sense of tranquility and calmness in an otherwise vibrant and tropical family of plants. White anthuriums can be used in spiritual or meditative spaces to promote feelings of serenity, purity, and spiritual connection.

Meaning of pink anthurium?

Pink anthuriums represent feelings of warmth, comfort, and affection. The soft, pastel pink hue provides a gentle, comforting touch that stands out among the bolder, more vivid colors of other anthurium varieties. Pink anthuriums can symbolize tenderness and nurturing in relationships, making them an excellent choice for expressing love and care.

Anthurium as a symbol of good luck?

Anthuriums are believed to bring good luck and offer protection against evil. The heart-shaped leaves and flowers of anthurium plants are thought to attract positive energy and ward off negativity. By incorporating anthuriums into your home or workplace, you could potentially enhance the environment with prosperity, abundance, and protection from harmful influences.

Anthurium in Hawaiian culture?

Anthuriums are also associated with hospitality and welcoming vibes, which aligns well with the spirit of Hawaiian culture. In Hawaii, these vibrant and tropical plants can often be found in homes and businesses to symbolize a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, anthurium leis and gifts represent a genuine appreciation for visitors and friends, showcasing the spirit of aloha.

Significance of anthurium in funerals?

In funeral settings, anthuriums can serve as a symbol of solace and comfort. The heart-shaped flowers may be seen as a representation of love and care for the departed and their family, providing a touch of warmth during a difficult time. Furthermore, the exotic and tropical nature of anthuriums can symbolize an eternal paradise or spiritual resting place for the deceased, offering a sense of hope and peace for the bereaved.

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