Best Grow Light for Pink Princess Philodendron: Top Picks 2023

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Each grow light has its pros and cons, and a suitable choice will complement the specific needs of pink princess philodendron while being user-friendly and cost-effective. After conducting extensive research and evaluating various grow lights based on their features and suitability for pink princess philodendrons, we have identified the best options to help you create a thriving environment for your plant.

Have you got no time to read? Check out this table below for a summary of our top picks for your pink princess philodendron!

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Top Grow Lights for Pink Princess Philodendron

We have compiled a list of the best grow lights to help your Pink Princess Philodendron thrive. Discover our top choices below to give your stunning plant the light it deserves.

GooingTop LED Grow Light

GooingTop LED Grow Light

This grow light is a fantastic option for Pink Princess Philodendron lovers due to its full spectrum output and adjustable features.


  • Full Spectrum – 6000K white light with 10 red and 74 white LEDs
  • Timer Function with Multiple Settings
  • Easy to Install – Flexible Gooseneck & Strong Clamp


  • Slight Difficulty with Timer Instructions
  • Clips are Very Tight
  • Limited to 10 Watts

The GooingTop LED Grow Light provides a full-spectrum output, mimicking natural sunlight, which is perfect for your Pink Princess Philodendron. The 6000K white light, combined with 10 red and 74 white LEDs, ensures that your plant receives the ideal light it needs to thrive. The color rendering index is 95, which means the light is soft and flicker-free, making it an ideal choice not only for your plant but also as a reading lamp.

One of the best features of this grow light is the timer function, which allows you to set the light for 4, 8, or 12 hours, based on a 24-hour cycle. This means your plant will receive consistent light without any hassle on your part. However, the instructions for the timer could be slightly clearer, but with some trial and error, it’s easy to figure out.

Installing the GooingTop LED Grow Light is a breeze, thanks to its flexible gooseneck and strong clamp. The gooseneck allows you to direct the light at the perfect angle for your Pink Princess Philodendron, and the strong clamp ensures stability. Although the clips are quite tight, this ensures a secure fit on various surfaces.

The only limitation we encountered with this grow light is that it runs on a 10-watt power source, equivalent to a 50W halogen bulb. Despite this limitation, the light appears to be sufficient for small house plants, such as the Pink Princess Philodendron, and is energy-efficient with an estimated monthly cost of about $2 in electricity for 12 hours a day usage.

In conclusion, the GooingTop LED Grow Light is an excellent choice for the Pink Princess Philodendron due to its full-spectrum output, adjustable features, and easy installation. Overall, it’s a great investment for anyone looking to provide optimal lighting for their indoor plants with the added bonus of being energy-efficient.

ROMSTO Full Spectrum Grow Light

ROMSTO Grow Light

This ROMSTO Full Spectrum Grow Light is a great investment for nurturing your Pink Princess Philodendron with its full spectrum LED chips, adjustable height, and handy timer.


  • Full spectrum LED chips for optimal plant growth
  • 10 dimmable brightness levels to suit plant needs
  • Built-in timer with 8/12/16-hour options for convenience


  • Not the most durable construction
  • Limited timer options – could use shorter durations
  • May require cord management for a cleaner look

We recently tried out the ROMSTO Full Spectrum Grow Light for our Pink Princess Philodendrons, and we believe it’s a great addition to any indoor garden setup. The full spectrum LED chips simulate natural sunlight, providing just the perfect wavelengths for our plants to thrive. With 10 brightness settings, we were able to customize the light intensity according to our plant’s growth stage requirements.

The built-in timer is a blessing for busy plant owners like us. With options to stay on for 8, 12, or 16 hours, we could set it up once and forget about turning it on and off every day. However, shorter timer options like 4-6 hours would have been a great addition for specific plant needs.

Installation was quick and easy as the grow light comes with a telescopic pole that can be adjusted from 6.5 to 24 inches. The height adjustment feature allowed us to ensure maximum light coverage for the Pink Princess Philodendron.

Despite its many benefits, one downside we noticed is that the construction of the grow light may not be the sturdiest. The light is functional and well-designed, but it might not be long-lasting if not handled with care. In addition, for those who appreciate aesthetics, you may need to manage the cords to make it look cleaner.

Overall, we recommend the ROMSTO Full Spectrum Grow Light for anyone looking to boost their Pink Princess Philodendron’s growth and health. With its full spectrum LED chips, adjustable height, and convenient timer, it’s an essential tool for any plant enthusiast.

GHodec Grow Light with Stand

GHodec Grow Light

A great investment for your plants, this GHodec Grow Light with Stand provides optimal lighting for your Pink Princess Philodendron and other indoor plants.


  • Adjustable tripod stand for varying heights
  • 5500K Daylight Full Spectrum LED lights for natural-looking light
  • Auto On/Off Timer & 5-level brightness controls


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • May not provide enough heat for seedlings
  • Red lights might be intrusive for some users

We recently started using the GHodec Grow Light with Stand for our Pink Princess Philodendron, and we noticed positive changes in our plant’s growth. The adjustable tripod stand allows us to position the light perfectly, accommodating the plant’s height as it grows. The mix of 16 white and 4 red LED lights provides a natural-looking 5500K Daylight Full Spectrum, improving photosynthesis and promoting flowering and fruiting.

One of the features we appreciate is the Auto On/Off Timer with three timing options (4H/8H/12H) which makes it convenient for us to manage the plants’ light schedule without manually turning the light on and off each day. The 5-level brightness adjustability also helps us cater to the specific lighting needs of our plants.

However, it’s worth noting that this light may not be suitable for outdoor use, and it might not provide enough heat for some seedlings during colder months. Additionally, the red lights can be distracting to some users, especially if the light is placed in a common living area.

All in all, the GHodec Grow Light with Stand is a perfect addition to help indoor plants like Pink Princess Philodendron thrive. Its adjustable height, convenient timer, and brightness settings make it both practical and efficient for plant lovers looking to provide the best growing conditions for their foliage.

MOTHER PlantSpectrum16 Grow Light

MOTHER PlantSpectrum16 Grow Light

This grow light from MOTHER is a high-quality option to help your pink princess philodendron thrive indoors.


  • High Performance with 16 Watt and 90 LEDs
  • Durable aluminum housing with 4-year warranty
  • Mimics natural sunlight, suitable for various plants


  • Slightly high price for first-time users
  • Possible rattling sound in some units
  • May get too hot if placed too close to plants

We recently got our hands on the MOTHER PlantSpectrum16 Grow Light, and we are quite impressed with its performance for our pink princess philodendron. The high-quality LED light delivers strong performance while consuming minimal energy, thanks to the 16 Watt power and 90 LEDs. This ensures that our plant receives sufficient light for healthy growth.

The durable aluminum housing not only offers an elegant design but also effectively cools the LEDs for maximum performance. We were pleased to know that MOTHER offers a unique 4-year warranty on this grow light. The full spectrum light mimics natural sunlight, which contributes positively to the color and flavor development of our plants. Moreover, this versatile grow light can be used for various types of plants in different growth stages.

However, we did find a few minor drawbacks with the MOTHER PlantSpectrum16 Grow Light. The price might seem a bit high for those new to indoor plant care, but we believe the quality and performance justify the investment. Also, there have been reports of rattling sounds inside some units; while it didn’t affect our unit’s operation, it might cause some concern for users. Lastly, be cautious when placing the light too close to your plants, as it can get quite hot.

Overall, we highly recommend the MOTHER PlantSpectrum16 Grow Light for your pink princess philodendron or any other indoor plants. With its high performance, durability, and versatility, this grow light will be a valuable addition to your indoor gardening toolkit.

Yadoker Plant Grow Light

Yadoker Plant Grow Light

The Yadoker Plant Grow Light is an excellent choice for those looking to provide their Pink Princess Philodendron with optimal lighting conditions for growth.


  • Unique home garden lighting solution
  • Automatic timer with on/off switch
  • Height adjustable


  • Not suitable for larger plants
  • Some customers received non-adjustable versions
  • Lights may not last as long as desired

Upon using the Yadoker Plant Grow Light, we noticed it provides a warm and natural light, ideal for indoor plants like the Pink Princess Philodendron. The grow light’s design is versatile, making it a perfect solution for office desks, living rooms, or dark corners in the house. With its inconspicuous design, it blends seamlessly with our decor.

The automatic timer feature stood out to us, as it allows us to control when the light turns on and off. We appreciate not having to unplug or replug the device constantly. The height adjustability is another convenient feature; the pole telescopes up and down, allowing us to maintain a reasonable height for our plant as it grows.

However, we noticed a few drawbacks with this grow light. Firstly, it may not be suitable for larger plants due to its size. We also discovered some customers received non-adjustable versions of the light, which could be a potential issue for those needing flexibility. Lastly, despite being generally well-reviewed, some users reported their lights failed within a few months.

Despite these drawbacks, the Yadoker Plant Grow Light remains a reliable and convenient option for Pink Princess Philodendron owners. With its unique design, automatic timer, and height adjustability, it is worth considering for providing optimal lighting conditions for your plant.

Buying Guide

Assess Your Plant’s Light Requirements

When choosing the best grow light for your Pink Princess Philodendron, it’s essential to assess its light requirements. Pink Princess Philodendrons thrive in bright, indirect sunlight, so it’s crucial to find a grow light that mimics these conditions.

Compare Light Types

There are several types of grow lights available, including:

  • Fluorescent lights
  • High-intensity discharge (HID) lights
  • LED lights

We recommend choosing LED lights due to their energy efficiency, longevity, and reduced heat output compared to other grow lights.

Examine the Light Spectrum

When selecting a grow light, pay attention to the color spectrum it provides. Pink Princess Philodendrons need both blue and red light spectrums to promote healthy growth:

Light Spectrum Purpose
Blue (400-500 nm) Promotes vegetative growth
Red (600-700 nm) Encourages flowering and fruiting

Ensure the grow light you choose offers a good balance of these spectrums.

Calculate the Required Wattage

To determine the appropriate wattage for your grow light, consider your plant’s needs and the space you plan to place it in. A general rule of thumb is to allocate 32 watts of LED lighting per square foot for growth. You can calculate the required wattage using the following formula:

Wattage = Area (in square feet) × 32

Check for Adjustable Features

Finally, look for grow lights with adjustable features, such as height and intensity. These options allow you to customize the light to suit your Pink Princess Philodendron’s specific needs and adapt it as the plant grows.

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