Best Moss Pole for Philodendron: Top Picks 2023

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Moss poles are an essential tool for plant enthusiasts who want to support and encourage growth in their climbing plants, such as philodendrons. These versatile plants are a popular choice for indoor gardening because of their beautiful foliage and ability to thrive in various environments. In this article, we have dedicated our time and effort to researching and testing various moss poles in the market, identifying the best options for your philodendron plants.

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Top Moss Poles for Philodendron

Discover our curated selection of the finest moss poles for your philodendron plants. Let’s dive into the list of the best products available to give your plants the support they need.

BESMYJ Moss Pole

Moss Pole

The BESMYJ Moss Pole is an outstanding choice for supporting your philodendron, providing both stability and room for growth.


  • Extendable design to accommodate growth
  • Natural coconut fiber material promotes aerial root attachment
  • Sturdy support with the inclusion of 80pcs Garden Tie


  • Requires burying the first pole for stability
  • Flimsy twist ties
  • Musty smell upon arrival

Our experience with the BESMYJ Moss Pole for Philodendron has been nothing short of amazing. The 26.4-inch height provides great support for both short and tall plants, making it an ideal choice for various indoor climbing plants, including philodendron, monstera, and pothos.

The extendable design of 2 individual 15.7-inch long sticks allows the moss pole to grow along with your plant. The coconut fiber material offers a natural and captivating look in your indoor garden, giving a charming touch to your personal jungle.

We also appreciate that the pole is easy to install. Just insert the wood stake near the plant’s stem, secure it with the included Garden Ties, and watch your philodendron flourish happily. As your plant grows taller, you can easily extend the height of the pole.

However, it is essential to mention that you may need to bury the first pole a bit for added stability. The twist ties provided might not be the strongest, but the 80pcs Garden Tie included in the package helps strengthen the overall support. Also, you might notice a musty smell when you first receive the moss pole, which we were able to eliminate with a thorough cleaning using a natural solution.

In conclusion, the BESMYJ Moss Pole is an excellent investment for those looking to create a supportive environment for their philodendron plants. With its extendable design, natural material, and sturdy support, your indoor climbing plants will benefit immensely, ensuring they grow stronger and healthier.

YoTelimBajayvovo Moss Pole 2 PCS 16 inches

YoTelimBajayvovo Moss Pole

After using this moss pole, we highly recommend it for anyone seeking sturdy support for their climbing plants, like philodendrons.


  • Encourages upward plant growth
  • Made from premium, durable materials
  • Easily extendable


  • Limited to specific plant types
  • Might require frequent misting for humidity
  • Not preassembled

We recently used the YoTelimBajayvovo Moss Pole for our philodendrons and experienced great results. The moss pole provided robust support, directing the growth upwards and maintaining the plant’s water and nutrition. Crafted from natural and dense coco fiber, this pole creates an ideal growth environment, while the strengthened PVC inner shell offers durability and wear resistance.

When it was time for our philodendrons to grow even taller, we appreciated the easy-to-use extension feature. You simply insert the plant pole deep into the soil and connect additional sections as needed, creating a longer support for the climbing plants. While the moss pole is specifically designed for plants like philodendrons, monstera, and other indoor climbing plants, it might not suit all types of plants.

Lastly, the package includes moss sticks, plant labels, and a lengthy string to ensure proper plant support. We were pleased with the final results and would highly suggest the YoTelimBajayvovo Moss Pole for anyone looking to provide sturdy support for their climbing plants. Just be prepared to assemble it yourself and possibly mist it regularly to maintain the right humidity levels.

Be-Laiv Moss Pole for Plants Monstera

Be-Laiv Moss Pole

If you’re looking to support and nurture your philodendron plants, this Be-Laiv Moss Pole is an excellent choice for you.


  • Promotes healthy and thriving plant growth
  • Mold-free design prevents unwanted infestations
  • Sturdy and stackable for maximum support


  • Might require some effort to initially set up
  • Limited to the available length of 26.4 inches
  • Coir material may be rough on delicate plants

We recently had the chance to try out the Be-Laiv Moss Pole for our indoor philodendron plants. The coir totem pole provided an excellent support system, helping our plants reach higher spots to access more natural light. This encouraged faster growth and the development of larger leaves, which significantly enhanced the appearance of our plants.

One thing that stood out to us was the mold-free design. We’ve had issues in the past with other moss poles becoming infested with mold or white worms. However, Be-Laiv has crafted their moss pole to prevent such problems, and we appreciated that our plants stayed healthy and infestation-free during our experience.

The plant support sticks are sturdy and can be easily stacked as the plants grow, which is a great feature if you have tall or rapidly growing plants. Despite these advantages, we did find that setting up the moss pole initially required some effort, especially when attaching the pole to our plants securely.

Another potential issue that we noticed is that Be-Laiv Moss Poles come in a fixed length of 26.4 inches. While this was suitable for our smaller plants, anyone with larger philodendrons may need to stack multiple poles for adequate support. Additionally, the coir material, although durable, might be too rough for delicate plant stems and leaves.

Overall, the Be-Laiv Moss Pole is a valuable investment for anyone looking to provide a supportive environment for their philodendron plants. Its design promoting healthy growth and sturdiness make it worth considering, despite some minor drawbacks.

DUSPRO 2 Pack 25 Inch Real Moss Pole for Monstera Bendable Plant Stakes

DUSPRO Moss Pole

We highly recommend this Bendable Moss Pole for anyone looking to support and enhance their climbing Philodendron with a creative touch to it.


  • Bendable design for unique shapes
  • Great water retention ability
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized plants


  • Might not be suitable for larger plants
  • Natural color may vary from pole to pole
  • Diameter may be too slim for specific needs

We were delighted to use the DUSPRO 2 Pack 25 Inch Real Moss Pole for our Philodendron. The standout feature is its bendable design, which allows you to train your climbing plants in different shapes like hearts, arches, or even snake-like patterns, giving your decor a personal touch.

The DUSPRO Moss Pole is made of 100% forest moss, which provides an excellent moist environment for plants to take root quickly. We also noticed that the natural color of the moss blends well with the greenery of the Philodendron. However, please note that the color of natural products can vary slightly from pole to pole.

The moss pole is adequate for both small and medium-sized plants. With a 25 inches length and 1-inch diameter, it is designed for plants that are quickly growing and transitioning into bigger sizes. Despite the reasonable size, we found that this diameter might be too slim for specific plants, so you should measure your plants’ sizes before deciding to purchase this moss pole.

Installation was a breeze with a seamless, sturdy design. Additionally, the package also includes hemstitch ties as a small gift, which helped secure the branches to the moss pole. In the future, always remember to spray the moss pole occasionally to keep it moist and encourage proper growth.

Overall, this DUSPRO Moss Pole is an excellent choice for Philodendron owners looking for a unique and bendable plant support. We appreciated its flexibility, water retention ability, and the personal, creative touch it added to our plants.

ROADPLUM 4 Pack 25″ Moss Pole

ROADPLUM 4 Pack 25" Moss Pole

The ROADPLUM 4 Pack 25″ Moss Pole offers a complete, user-friendly solution for supporting your philodendron plants, ensuring healthy growth and vitality.


  • Includes a complete set of accessories for supporting plants
  • Made of 100% natural coco coir, promoting fast rooting and preventing root rot
  • DIY bendable design for personalized shape and support


  • May be too short for larger or taller plants
  • Not as sturdy as other options in the market
  • Placement in the ground can be wobbly

Our experience using the ROADPLUM 4 Pack 25″ Moss Pole has been quite pleasant, as it comes with a complete set of 17 pieces, including twist ties and plant labels, making it the perfect all-in-one solution for your philodendron. The natural coco coir material used in the moss poles has excellent moisturizing and water-absorbing abilities, ensuring that your plant roots are in a healthy environment and preventing root rot.

What sets the ROADPLUM Moss Pole apart from traditional, straight moss poles is its bendable design, allowing you to create unique shapes to support your climbing plants. This flexibility is perfect for training plants to grow in specific patterns, such as hearts or circles, adding interest and personalization to your indoor garden.

However, we noticed that the moss poles may be too short for larger plants, and they might not be as sturdy as some other options available. Additionally, inserting the poles into the ground can be a bit wobbly, potentially affecting the overall stability of the plant support system.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a versatile and complete moss pole system for your philodendron, the ROADPLUM 4 Pack 25″ Moss Pole might be an excellent choice for you. Just be aware of its potential shortcomings, especially if you have larger plants that might require sturdier support.

Buying Guide

Assessing Material and Durability

When choosing the best moss pole for your philodendron, it’s crucial to consider the material and durability. The material should be sturdy, long-lasting, and capable of retaining moisture to encourage aerial root growth. Common materials include:

  • Sphagnum moss
  • Coir (coconut fiber)
  • Natural tree bark

We recommend selecting a moss pole made of high-quality natural materials, as they foster better plant growth and are more environmentally friendly than synthetic options.

Size and Expandability

Another critical aspect to consider is the size and expandability of the chosen moss pole. Philodendrons are fast-growing plants that require a moss pole that accommodates their growth. Look for the following features:

  • Adjustable height: This allows room for your philodendron to grow without needing additional or larger supports.
  • Extension capability: Some moss poles offer additional extensions that can easily be attached when required.

Make sure to measure the height of your philodendron and consider its potential growth when selecting a moss pole. It’s always better to choose one that’s slightly taller than your current requirements.

Stability and Support

A reliable moss pole should offer exceptional stability and support for your philodendron. Look for:

  • A sturdy base: Ensure that the pole’s base is large enough to provide adequate stability once your plant begins to grow and climb.
  • Plant ties or clips: These are useful for securing your philodendron to the moss pole as it grows, preventing damage or stunted development.

Price and Quality

Finally, consider the balance between price and quality. Although it might be tempting to choose a cheaper option, it’s essential not to compromise on the quality of the moss pole. Investing in a high-quality support system will ensure your philodendron thrives and remains healthy in the long run.

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