Best Soil for Philodendron: Top Choices in 2023

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Philodendrons are popular houseplants known for their vibrant, heart-shaped leaves and easy-to-grow nature. They thrive in various indoor conditions and add a touch of greenery to living spaces. To achieve the best growth, it’s essential to find the ideal soil for your philodendron plant. In this blog post, we have researched and tested various soil mixes that cater specifically to the needs of this beloved houseplant.

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Top Soils for Philodendron Plants

We’ve carefully curated a list of the best soils perfect for your philodendron plants. Browse through our top picks to find the ideal soil that encourages healthy growth and ensures a thriving philodendron plant.

Pink Princess Philodendron Potting Soil 2 Quarts

Pink Princess Philodendron Potting Soil

We highly recommend this soil for those growing Pink Princess Philodendrons, as it has been hand-blended by horticulturists to provide ideal growing conditions.


  • Specifically formulated for Pink Princess Philodendrons
  • Locally sourced and hand-blended by horticulturists
  • Promotes healthy plant growth with no added fertilizers


  • Some bags may contain sticks and debris
  • Inconsistent quantity and bag size
  • Possible inadequate moisture retention

We recently tried the Pink Princess Philodendron Potting Soil and noticed the impressive blend of ingredients, which includes Coco Coir, Peat Moss, Aged Pine Bark, and Pure Kentucky Horse Farm Soil. These components work together to create a nutrient-rich, well-draining soil that our Philodendrons seemed to love.

Coco Coir in the mix helped to improve the water-holding capacity, ensuring that our plants had access to water when needed. The Peat Moss prevented soil compaction, making it looser and reducing the need for aeration. Aged Pine Bark added pore space, allowing oxygen and nutrients to filter through the soil better.

However, we must note that we encountered a few drawbacks as well. In some of the bags we used, there were quite a few sticks and debris that needed to be removed before use. We also noticed inconsistencies in the quantity and size of the bags, which could be an issue for some plant owners. Lastly, although the soil blend is designed to optimize moisture retention, we found that it occasionally fell short in this aspect.

Overall, the Pink Princess Philodendron Potting Soil offers a specialized blend for growing healthy Philodendrons but be prepared to deal with some inconsistencies and minor drawbacks.

rePotme Houseplant Soil – Philodendron and Aroid Imperial Houseplant Potting Soil Mix

rePotme Houseplant Soil

We highly recommend the rePotme Houseplant Soil for your philodendron plants because of its optimal water retention and high-quality ingredients.


  • Resealable pouch for future use
  • Maintains optimal water content for houseplants
  • Handcrafted with top-notch ingredients


  • Pricey compared to other options
  • Bag size might be too small for some
  • Shipping issues with FedEx

Our experience with the rePotme Houseplant Soil has been nothing short of amazing. It is not only an excellent choice for philodendron plants but also other aroid houseplants. The blend is made fresh daily in small batches, ensuring that the ingredients are of the finest quality sourced from all around the world.

The soil mix comes in a high-quality resealable pouch, making it perfect for storing and reusing leftovers. This feature hit home for us since we often struggle with storage space and want to make the most of our gardening supplies.

We observed that the rePotme Houseplant Soil provides optimal water retention while preventing overwatering or waterlogging. This is especially important for philodendrons, as they thrive in a well-drained environment. Our plants grew healthier and more vibrant after potting them in this soil mix.

Although we love this product, there are a few things to consider. The soil mix is on the expensive side, and the bag size might be too small for those with multiple plants to repot. Additionally, some customers have reported shipping issues with FedEx, but these issues are not directly related to the product itself.

In conclusion, the rePotme Houseplant Soil is a great investment for your philodendron plants. Despite its higher price point, the soil mix’s quality and effectiveness make it worth considering. Give your plants the care they deserve, and they will reward you with stunning growth and beauty.

Soil Sunrise Philodendron Potting Mix (8 Quarts)

Philodendron Plant Potting Soil Mix

We recommend Soil Sunrise’s Philodendron Potting Mix for its natural blend, but with some reservations due to its density.


  • Special blend for various Philodendron types
  • Organic humus, excellent drainage, and pH balance
  • Comes in a size sufficient for a 12-inch pot


  • Dense and heavy texture
  • Not as chunky as advertised
  • May require additional aeration for optimal drainage

We recently used Soil Sunrise’s Philodendron Plant Potting Soil Mix when repotting our Philodendron plants. This mix is specifically formulated for various Philodendron types, such as Heartleaf, Red Leaf, and Brasil Philodendrons. It boasts an all-natural composition, including peat moss, perlite, fir bark, worm castings, and lime to provide excellent drainage, nutrient retention, water retention, and a balanced pH level. We appreciated that the 8-quart size was adequate for accommodating a sizable 12-inch pot.

However, we noticed that the soil was denser than we initially anticipated. Contrary to the product’s depiction, the mix was not as chunky, which might lead to inadequate aeration for Philodendrons. Philodendron plants usually prefer light, airy soil that enables their roots to grow and breathe. Thus, we felt the need to add extra perlite and bark chips to improve the soil’s structure and drainage capacity.

Although the Soil Sunrise Philodendron Potting Mix has its merits, it might not be perfect for all Philodendron lovers. If you prefer a chunkier, more breathable mix for your plants, this may not be the ideal choice. However, with some adjustments and the addition of extra perlite or bark chips, we believe it can still be an adequate option for your Philodendron plants.

IvyMay Redwoods Organic Potting Mix

IvyMay Redwoods Organic Potting Mix

IvyMay Redwoods Organic Potting Mix is a fantastic choice for your philodendron plants, providing optimal drainage, essential nutrients, and a pleasant aroma.


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients
  • Excellent drainage to prevent root rot
  • Infused with Peppermint essential oils


  • May require more frequent watering
  • Slightly higher price point
  • May need additional soil for specific plants

The IvyMay Redwoods Organic Potting Mix is an eco-friendly blend made of renewable Redwood and Douglas Fir bark, ensuring your philodendron has a healthy environment to thrive in. We were really impressed by the inclusion of perlite and nutrient-rich worm castings, which not only provided a well-draining mix but also supplied our plants with the essential nutrients they needed.

What surprised us about this mix was the peppermint essential oils infused within it. It not only offered a lovely scent, but it was also effective in promoting plant health. However, due to the excellent drainage, we noticed that our plants needed watering more frequently than with other mixes. Therefore, if you’re not home often, this mix may not be the ideal choice for your philodendron.

Despite the slightly higher price point, we believe the IvyMay Redwoods Organic Potting Mix is well worth the investment. It’s important to note that, depending on your specific plant’s needs, you may need to add some of your own soil mixture to address individual plant requirements. Overall, we truly enjoyed using this organic potting mix for our philodendron and believe your plants will appreciate its benefits too.

Gardenera Premium Aroid Potting Mix

Gardenera Aroid Potting Mix

We recommend the Gardenera Premium Aroid Potting Mix for those seeking an excellent soil blend specifically crafted for their aroid plants.


  • High-quality, natural ingredients
  • Handcrafted specifically for aroids
  • Promotes healthy root growth and prevent overwatering


  • Slight odor upon opening
  • Bag size may be smaller than expected
  • Amount of sphagnum moss might not suit everyone’s preference

Recently, we repotted our philodendron using the Gardenera Premium Aroid Potting Mix, and the results have been impressive. The mixture contains a perfect combination of New Zealand pine bark, worm castings, horticultural charcoal, coco coir, and coarse perlite, which allowed the roots to move and grow while maintaining proper aeration and preventing overwatering.

As we used this blend, we immediately noticed the quality in its consistency and texture. Developed by fellow plant enthusiasts, this mix catered to the needs of various aroid plants like Pothos, Alocasia, Monstera, Syngonium, Colocasia, ZZ Plants, and more. Our philodendron truly enjoyed this blend, and its growth thrived in this simulated rainforest soil environment.

However, we did notice a slight odor when opening the bag, which might be something to keep in mind. Additionally, the bag size seemed smaller than expected, but considering the quality of the mix, it was still a worthwhile purchase. While the sphagnum moss presence may not be ideal for everyone’s preferences, we found that overall, the Gardenera Premium Aroid Potting Mix provided an excellent environment for aroid plant growth and health.

Buying Guide

Soil Components to Consider

When choosing the best soil for philodendron, it’s essential to consider its key components. These elements will greatly impact the overall health and growth of your plant. Here’s what to look for:

  • Drainage: Ensure the soil has adequate drainage properties as philodendrons do not like sitting in water. A well-draining soil allows excess water to escape, preventing root rot.
  • Aeration: Aeration is crucial, as it allows oxygen to reach the plant’s roots. A well-aerated soil should feel light and fluffy to the touch.
  • Nutrients: Philodendrons appreciate a soil that provides sufficient nutrients for growth. Look for soil with a balanced blend of macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) as well as micronutrients (calcium, magnesium, and sulfur).

Soil Types

There are several types of soil suited for philodendrons, each with their benefits:

  1. Potting mix: A lightweight, well-draining mix that comes pre-made with nutrients.
  2. Sphagnum peat moss: This acidic, moisture-retaining component helps create a well-aerated mix, but it may require the addition of other ingredients for optimal drainage.
  3. Coconut coir: This eco-friendly alternative to peat moss has excellent water retention and aeration capabilities, making it perfect for philodendrons.

Remember, you can always create your perfect blend by combining different soil types and adding amendments to improve aeration, drainage, and nutrients.

Additional Soil Amendments

To further enhance your soil’s properties, consider adding some of these amendments:

  • Perlite: This lightweight volcanic material improves aeration and drainage, making it ideal for water-sensitive philodendrons.
  • Vermiculite: Similar to perlite, vermiculite retains moisture and nutrients while providing excellent aeration.
  • Compost: Adding compost will enrich your soil with organic matter and essential nutrients, promoting healthy growth.

With this information in mind, you’re well on your way to selecting the best soil for your philodendron. Happy planting!

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